Happiness Kharduit
Happiness being the eldest daughter assumed responsibility for her younger siblings who are all studying. When their father was there they had a comfortable life and he tried to provide whatever they needed the most .But as a teenager it was hard to earn without proper education. She had to support her mother, younger brother and sister as being the elder she had realized her responsibilities.

For her mother it was a respite because she felt sharing the household affairs with support from Happiness made it easy to balance the crisis, especially monetary .Bringing up four children with a meager amount was not easy. Today the whole family is grateful to the teachers who gave her the opportunity to complete her training in Don Bosco-Tech. She had enrolled in the Security Guard domain .With this course it brought positive changes and it indicates her dedication and freedom to ultimately win .With this course that awards placement it is indication that it has become universal responsibility in reaching out to more of needy students in the remote corners of India, especially North East.

To work, and break the barriers of hardship has lead her to be a supportive member of the family. The course has been a platform for her .It will certainly not solve all her problems but bring her family a lot of relief .All their basic needs are getting fulfilled. She has been able to give her mother maximum support with medical care and other things. Those who are serious with this course are entitled to regenerate a positive attitude .It is truly said”self-help is the beginning of freedom…”

Farooq Ahmed Wagay
Farooq (27 years) has a severely crippled right leg as a result of polio. Farooq hails from a remote village Monghama in Pulwama district (Jammu & Kashmir). “While he was hardly a year old, he always suffering from diseases one after another. When we consulted a doctor, he told us that Farooq was affected by polio that results 60 percent disability in his lower limb,” says Farooq’s mother, Ms ZainaAkther. His father, Abdul GaniWagay is a daily labourer earning a meagre sum of Rs 3000 per month. Recollecting his pre-BASE phase, Mr Abdul Gani says, “Before joining DB Tech, I was very apprehensive about the fortune of my son, as there was no expectation for his employment/job or any kind of business.” Financial problems act as a hindrance to theeducation of Farooq and with lots of hurdles; he was only able to study up to matriculation. Due to lack of finance support from his family, he had to discontinue the study before entering into college.

Unlike other villagers, they don’t have any cultivable land. So living even in the village, they don’t have any source of income from agricultural side. A second hand portable television is the only source of entertainment. Hardly have they used the television as the source of information because due to illiteracy, they never believe about the information feature of this audio visual medium. His parents are completely illiterate and could not study because of poor economic condition, lack of guidance and also exposure to education.

Farooq knew about DB Tech from that portable television when his parents were watching a daily soap opera. To know more about the program, he contacted the DB Tech trainer and clarified all his queries related to the skill based training. Farooq was advised to join the Hospitality course which was counselled by his trainers keeping his interests in the mind. Throughout the course, Farooq proved to be a regular and punctual student. After course completion, Farooq placed as a Data Entry Operator in Commercial Sales Tax Office (Pulwama). Now he is drawing a salary of Rs. 3500 per month. “Farooq was always serious towards the program. He was also open to relocate anywhere for a job. He was dedicated, hardworking, active learner and always wanted to support his family through his earning,” says Altaf Lone (Centre Coordinator, DB Tech, Pulwama). Regarding this new break for earning livelihood, Farooq says, “I have learned a lot from DB Tech which made me feel that I am capable of doing something and also helped me to earn and support my family.”

Heemu Yusuf
22-year-old Heemu hails from an extremely poor family of Rainawari, a small hamlet in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir). Heemu's father, an illiterate carpenter, toils hard at his profession but cannot provide enough for the family of five (wife and three daughters). Heemu’s elder sister dropped out from school after 12th standard due to financial problem. Though keen to be well educated, Heemu had to quit studies after graduation, as there was no money in the family to afford his fees. As things stood, he was the most educated person in his entire family, and the first to study graduation!

“I was always on the lookout for an employment opportunity, so that I could supplement my family’s income, and also my sister could continue her study without interruption for money, who is now studying in the 10th standard,” says Heemu. She tried few odd jobs after her graduation but due to lack of skills she was offered very meagre salary which was just equalizing her transportation and food expenses. She was eager to accumulate some money for computer training. One fine day, her grandfather informed about the skill development training by DB Tech. He advised Heemu to enrol in it, learn some livelihood skills and try for a job. After the ‘Interest Inventory’ check, her trainers counselled her to take up a course in Hospitality.

The first question that strikes her mind was the course fee for which she gave up her education. But fortunately Govt. of India’s such programs not only give them a push for realise their dreams but also improve their family’s financial condition. Rediscovering her joy in learning, Heemu worked hard during the three-month course and passed out as one of the brightest students of her batch on completion of the course, she got a job offer in Mobineers, a reputed company, with a handsome starting salary of Rs 4500 pm plus incentives. Heemu never touched computer before joining BASE. Besides the domain specific skills, she was imparted a fair knowledge about computer skills, which helped her now in the workplace. Heemu shares, “The training I received also greatly improved my communication skills and personality development. It also taught me some very essential life skills and infused new confidence in me.” In her first salary, first she gave a treat to her grandfather because the credit of her success entirely goes to him.

Joydeb Khan
One day Joydeb came to know about our program from one of his neighbor.He dropped in our centre with lots of anxiety and doubts .As he was pessimistic in nature at that time ,he was hardly talking about his problems .He was still dazed about this course whether to join the course or not. In a special way our welding trainer counseled him for a long time and tried to sort out his problems. It helped him build his confidence after this and he would decide to join welding- the course which offers practical knowledge and insights into types of welding ,cutting and fabrication.

The knowledge about this course brought many other students who have gained a future after this course .Joydeb Khan is no less ;and began scanning the horizon of this opportunity and enrolled the next day. He fought his way from poverty, a path which his father had toiled to make both ends meet. He preferred to take the training and hauled himself to tie securely to welding his own future with the support of DB-Tech.

After successfully completion of this training program ,he has been interviewed in Techno industry in Howrah on 3rd November 2011 and he got selected .His remuneration is Rs.4000 every month .Apart from his salary he will be provided free accommodation also. Howrah would be far from home ,his father stays at Nadia .But being alone far from home is a way to start a new life ,to be provider than going to bed hungry…

Finally he has emerged out as a trained disciplined employee who will take his own responsibilities to be a welder in Techno, who had been asked to join immediately. Having been so near claiming to poverty while working with his father in fields, it would not have been possible to come out of this situation if his neighbor would not have mentioned BASE.(Bosco Academy of Skills and Employment)

Now we all recognize that there maybe many problems, but for some DB-Tech has become a source to overcome poverty. Power at its best.
Manisha Shinde
As usual the day dawned with the same daily routine of life .With no father around who died a few years back, there seemed to be debts all year round .He died in 1993 during the earthquake .She belongs to a big family of five brothers and five sisters.

For the families daily bread and butter her mother and sisters worked in other’s fields as a daily labour and brothers went to Pune for working in company It was a very tense period for Manisha to overcome a critical situation and she badly wanted to help each one of them .But after the completion of her graduation she could not do much to improve her domestic life.

No man likes to see their own family suffer. Then from someone she came to know about BASE program .She was still not very sure whether she wanted to join any course here. But she visited SSEN centre and there she met the staff who were eager to explain about the current course .She then decided to join the current training.

To be awaken to such a program that allowed her to build confidence in computer in a short time. For her this had held those qualities that would lead her to adhere to find a career in course of time ,help her to stand without stumbling .She acquired the entire package of computer ,soft skill, tally and confidently announce to her family that a girl like Manisha Shinde can balance their lives after having a job to support.

“If BASE would not have given her this training, she would have surrendered herself to the common destiny and worked with others in the fields…”this is what she feels. Today she handles office work at Sakhi Social Enterprise Network and deeply cherishes her experience with BASE .It is a privilege to have a job after all these and wishes that other siblings were equally like her.

Manisha had faced despair and distress when they had no one to earn in the family .Now with this office job this was one of the best award for her patience and hardwork. She has managed to build up a whole dream and their life is also changing in a significant way. Her faith and confidence has strengthened with DB-Tech without which she could have never achieved this good job. Apparently, life had better and progressive plans for a bright future ! We wish her a great future.

Seema Kathar-Teteli guri
Seema had a perilous journey along with her father Munindra Kathar. Farming has not fetched any good returns ,and casts a spell of persistent adversity. Either they all worked in the field along with their father or stir out a direction where they can get a regular salary.

Seema was not ready to surrender. She had to help herself first to fend for the family .As her father was not able to bear her educational expenses she decided to leave her education and let her brother and sisters study as her father cannot afford the fees.

In the meantime her father was doing farming to sustain the family in Tetelia but never pressurized her or the other siblings about money problems. But she could understand the situation and sentiment of her father. Seema felt very bad and decided to go for a call centre training .But luck did not favor her here .Due to lack of money she had to leave the training in the middle of the session. She was very upset and went to meet her friend. After listening to her sad story her friend discussed with her the gravity of DB-Tech program in Kharguli which is providing BASE program under MORD and other courses provided by DB-Tech. Here is a network which gives market driven courses, free training, free accommodation, food as well as job placement also.

“She was in my domain(Hospitality)and was one of the intelligent, sharp disciplined humble participant. Seema was always ready to participate in any type of activity ,be it inter-active sessions or games.. ”says Mr. Sushil Das(Hospitality Trainer, DB-Tech ,Kharguli)The trainer has made her employable. The principal aim was to build them with skill to improve and Seema could converse confidently and earned a good image To her father it was a great achievement and the family is proud of her job. She had been shortlisted for the interview for Café Oromo and was very excited about the whole thing .She cleared all the five rounds of interview.

It was a proud moment for her trainers at Kharguli centre and especially for Seema, whose dream came true. Now she is helping her family save sufficient money to buy paddy field for her father to get his 100% effort and to retain her sisters to help them achieve good education. She is ready to take any kinds of challenges to help her family overcome difficulties with her support.

Sushmita Deka
Sushmita Deka aged 20,from Ischadagharia(Khata) Rangia the outskirts of Kamrup. She is a fine example of cheerful courage and determination in the face of persistent adversity. Though she belongs from the poor family but still has the courage to go up to fulfill her ambition. Her father late Ganeswar Deka was a saloon beautician ,but a very poor person who do not have his own beauty parlor he has to work for other. But when he died he did not leave anything for the family ,so never received any value for what work he did. Sushmita worked in a private company but that was not enough for her salary was very low. She left her education after 10th standard as she has to manage her family.

In the meantime Sushmita got information regarding BASE program in DB-Tech Kharguli., felt very happy. She discussed with her friend regarding DB-Tech centre in Guwahati, Kharguli which is providing BASE program under MORD and other courses provided by free training ,free accommodation ,free food as well as job placement.

The BASE program seem to help her mould her future. As she enrolled in Marketing domain she got into the discipline of serving with a smart attitude. “She was in my domain (Sales and Marketing)and was one of the intelligent ,sharp, disciplined and humble candidates .Sushmita was always eager to participate and cooperate in all sorts of events..”says Mr .Bobby Borborah(Trainer-Sales and Marketing)DB-Tech Kharguli. Sushmita has improved her speaking skill. The training helped her keep pace with new tactical possibilities.

She shared a warm relation with all her trainers and was very hard working. She grasped every single opportunity to overcome in front of the audience and speak in English. During the time of placement she was also shortlisted for the interview for L’oreal and was very excited about the whole thing. She cleared all the rounds of the interview. She excelled in the interview and selected for L’oreal beauty parlor with a salary of Rs.5000 plus other allowances .It was a very proud moment for all at DB-Tech centre especially for Sushmita. She could now give a chance to herself to become a full fledged beautician like her father. No promotion would have caused her so much satisfaction had she not enrolled up with the program of DB-Tech.

Hullesh aged 20 years hails from village of Husukinal from Raichur Karnataka .He comes from a poor family of farmers and consists of nine children. His father’s name is Hanuman and his mother’s name is Durgamma .He was doing nothing after completion of SSLC. His father later brought him to study in Bellary Hostel for further studies.

Hullesh began to feel homesick in a new environment. It took time for him to realize the regulations of a hostel that was not there at home. He soon realized that he cannot cope up with the stay in a hostel. So he decided to run away. He did not adjust to the discipline of the hostel and he was not pursuing a further study. He wanted to be near his parents. And at home he did not have anything much to do except remaining idle. His parents than got worried and decided to send him to study some place.

He came to know about the MORD course through his parish priest and he was considered to join Don Bosco Hospet. He soon experienced a new environment and began learning welding, a specific course about metals, fabrication and fitting by manual metal. This has been the best life saving skill education he had so far.

He finished the course and got employment in Tirumala Enterprises Hospet. He worked there for four months .And when that company was closed down, he tried for other jobs at many other places. But his father decided that he should join DB-Tech as a helper in electrical and welding .With sound counseling by the trainers he joined welding. Now his family is happy that he is doing his job well in the same centre.

He is working in Don Bosco Technical school Hospet.

He is properly equipped with new skills and he is working with electrical department. He will be confident now to take up his job seriously and this job is a gift from DB-Tech centre that will balance his life all through.

Iram Khan
Iram Khan hails from Kesare, Mysore with a family members of four. She shares the pain of being the elder daughter of the family. Her father Mohsin Khan is a driver and he stays away from home. He works most of the time in Mumbai, works for daily wages and usually as a daily wage driver makes very little money at the end of the day. He was unable to save any money for the family.

He seems to be under the stress of being far from, unable to save enough and has become irritant with the family members ,that he picks up fights and beats them. There was no peace in the house when he returns and they all dreaded his regular visits in the evening. Bitter experience in the evenings has become symbolic in their lives. With such a lot of disturbances Iram could not continue with her studies and she had to drop out from school. Her mother Nasima started working as a weaver and with that small income of her mother they were managing their basic needs and education.

With information from her friend she came to DB-Tech/Roshini centre and she took up admission. She was hard working and dedicated in her course that pleased her trainers. Never a day did she miss her class, instead she stayed back late sometimes till 5.30p.m and completed her work. She completed her course successfully and joined Garment industry. She continued with her job for some days but finding difficulty to cope with the shift timings she took up a new job with Ali Brother’s cosmetic showroom as a sales in charge with Rs.4,500 as her initial salary. Although there are candidates who are earning up to Rs.11,000 per month she waited for her turn. No doubt Iram will soon reach to that target. She is very happy and content with the work and the environment.

Today she is in charge of the entire cosmetic department and she says, “I am very grateful to DB-Tech and all those trainers who helped me to reach this stage.” Ali Brother’s manager says, ”please if you are sending more candidates, make sure they are as Iram”. This indirectly shows her affection and dedication towards her work and company.

Iram’s mother proudly reveals, ”if Iram has proved today it is just because of DB-Tech who has no doubt been the platform for many other Irams”.

Latha hails from a small family in Karkuchi village, Bhadravathi-Karnataka. Her father is a farmer who cultivates paddy. In a frugal farmer’s family whose income is a mere meager of Rs.2000 per month it is insufficient to meet basic needs of all .It was becoming hard to handle the growing needs day by day.

Due to financial difficulties Latha had to drop out from school and sitting at home being clueless about what to do next. Having failed the 12th Board Examination this 18 year old teenager had lost all hope of studying further and getting job. Her friend told her about the course offered by DB-Tech and she discussed this with her mother. Her mother suggested her to give it a try. Then both visited the DB –Tech centre in Bhadravathi.

Based on her skills and interest she got selected for ISMO (Industrial Sewing Machine Operator) domain. “Elsewhere it is so difficult to get such a training with no expenditures. But I got such a good training in DB Tech.”

She was a very hard working candidate with keen eagerness to know more and more about the subject. And always she was very regular to class and doing her assignments with perfection. She was also getting good marks in assessment.

After completing training program she was placed in Shai garments, Shimoga unit with designation of tailor and now she is successfully earning salary of Rs.5000 She and her family are very happy for her up coming life. Still she wants to climb more success steps in her life and she expresses that it is DB-Tech that has brought a turning point in her life.

Leena Babu
Leena was a young girl who often found herself in trouble. She was brought up by her parents with strictness as a female child should get. And two sisters got minimal school education as their father did not appreciate educating girls, they have to get married anyways. The elder sister got married according to customs and settled with her husband.

In due course of time her parents were making arrangements for her marriage. But Leena had no intention to marry but wanted to study . She then asked her sister if she could do something so that she could pursue further her study as she does not want to settle down with marriage .Her sister spoke to her father but it was hard to convince him .Later her brother-in law took a major decision to help her get some training that will help up lift the family from hardship. He returned home with one pamphlet in his hand which explained about DB-Tech course at Roshini centre. With a ray of hope, all of them came to the centre by following the address in the pamphlet. After a discussion with the trainers decided to enroll her to ITES(Information Technical Enabled Service)mainly to learn computer.

But Leena had some communication problem with Kannada language. And she had to improve her English. Arriving at the conclusion that Leena managed to complete her course and at the first attempt she got the job of a receptionist at GRS. Here she earns a monthly salary of Rs.4000/-

Today Leena feels very lucky that she has reached one goal by doing a course in DB-Tech. She had never imagined that she could ever step into GRS Fantasy Park, but now she is part of it. “I really feel proud for my daughter. Today, when our friends and relatives from Kerala go to GRS Park and come back to us saying that they met Leena in operating computer at the reception our heart is filled with joy,” says her father who had objected to her studies.

“I would not have achieved if I would not have spoken out,” says Leena her eyes filled with tears. “GRS welcomes many more candidates as Leena who is fully efficient and dedicated at her work,” says her Manager of GRS Fantasy Park.